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Bee HOSS is a Baltimore-based honey hot sauce company. We craft our honey hot sauce just like you - we put one hand in front of the other. We grind up our peppers, mix our spices, and let the honey drain straight from the comb.


We strive to support Baltimore and its surrounding neighborhoods in two major ways:


1.  Supporting Maryland farmers and apiaries by purchasing its key ingredients (honey, peppers, and spices) from Maryland farms


2.  Donating 5% of gross proceeds to the Bee Informed Partnership, a Maryland leader in the field of bee conservation

Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from supporting our community:


Born and raised in Maryland and having lived in many different neighborhoods in the area, we have such pride in our home state. When first deciding on a vision for the company, it became immediately apparent that Bee HOSS would center its mission around trying to create a better Maryland, one bottle at a time

Our Story

Our story



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Photo: Jon Bregel

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